"A personal site should always be made the way you like it. The content, style, etc show your true personality. No one can really criticize such a site since the only thing you're doing is letting people get to know you, not selling anything. That's just my opinion at least."


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my preferred browser: Mozilla Firefox

browser choice explanation:
one of the first browsers i've ever used was Netscape. around IE v.4.0 i felt that IE had become more streamlined and had every feature that Netscape had and then some. once the major bugs were removed from IE 4.0, i moved to IE browsing fully. recently, i've felt that IE (now in 6.x) has become stagnant in development and has ceased to address new issues in browsing. i had played with Mozilla Firefox back when it was Phoenix 0.2. i didn't find it fully useable until Firebird 0.7. and now i use Firefox for all of my browsing. to me, it's the best browser out there as of right now - (6/04).

site purpose:
i created this site for myself as a central location of information. so far its proven to be very useful and i will continously add to it. hopefully info on this site will help others as well.

*disclaimer* (sort of):
the host of this site is not responsible for the content that is within. i being creator have made material that expresses my personal interests, tastes, and so on. i can not comply with the values/ideals/etc of every persons that view this site. therefore, you, the viewer, are taking responsibility upon yourself by viewing this material. in other words if you become offended, upset ...and so on, or experience some other unexpected feeling by viewing this site..then don't blame me or anyone else except for yourself. you should've read this warning and known better.

also you are responsible for your actions after viewing this site. for instance - you've read some technical howtos on here and have tried it on your own, and now your computer no longer boots. i'm sorry to hear that, but you cannot blame me. i test everything before publishing it, however that does not mean it will work on the bajillions of possible machine configurations out there in the world. i'm also willing to help anyone that is having problems..still proceed at your own risk.

this site contains images and text that were mostly created by me. i don't care about them what so ever. i may have some content from copyrighted materials though - i.e. pics, names, etc (although i try to steer away from using such material). they don't belong to me. they belong to their respective companies/parties. i will add exact copyright info or remove the object(s) if so requested. also if for some bizarre reason someone out there borrows one of the images i created...well that's okay, you don't even have to give me credit. just don't say you created it or you'll be axe-murdered.

this site was created mainly for information and there is a lot of it. i apologize for run-on sentences, no caps, made up words, mispelled words, horrible punctuation, and other misc errors.

alright, i am not a professional web site designer :O i've only made personal pages for myself. previously, i've done some pretty freaky with the design and effects. resinblade.net is my 2nd major attempt at a site. this time i'm taking a minimalistic design approach. i feel the flashy stuff gets in the way of the true purpose of a site - content. now..i respect all the sleek looking stuff out there and hard work going into it, but that's not my style.

by viewing this site you agree with everything in this disclaimer and therefore can not hold the people who host this site or myself responsible for your actions. note: if for some reason you have not read this disclaimer and have viewed this site, you are still considered to have agreed with what is listed here.

Last updated: 6/2004 - Eric M. Bouse

web publishing: dreamweaver, frontpage, notepad, cutehtml, hotdog pro, ms word, sapien primalscript, nvu, notepad++

(preferred web publishing app: kompozer and notepad++)

ftp client: cuteftp/cuteftp pro, ws_ftp, leechftp, filezilla
(preferred ftp client: filezilla)

graphics: corel photopaint, ulead photoimpact, macromedia flash, xara 3d, casio qv-link, lview pro, kai's power goo, ms photo editor, arcsoft photostudio, adobe photoshop, ms gif animator, acdsee, (paint)brush, irfanview, gimp

image format: the majority of images are in png format. the program 'pngcrush' is also used on the images to cut down filesizes when possible. for images whose filesizes are too large in png format i change to the JPEG format, with extensions '.jpg'.

i typically use pngcrush like so: pngcrush -d new *.png

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