Eric M. Bouse

Lab Assistant




1) Describe in detail the lab assistant's procedure for dealing with a lab



30 Minutes before the lab is reserved give the first call to current users that

the lab will be reserved in 30 minutes. Clean and tidy up the lab (push in chairs,

pick up trash). Put the reserved sign on the door to avoid having more users coming

in to the lab and getting involved in work.

15 minutes before the lab is reserved tell the users that the lab will be reserved

in 15 minutes and ask courteously that they finish up and begin to save their work.

Clean the lab again if needed and pull down projector screens or whatever special

equipment needed for the class.

Announce the lab is closed for reservation and nicely try to make sure everyone not

in the class is out of the lab. Make sure the lab is in order once more and turn on the projector

if needed.


Note: If the lab is exceptionally crowded it may be necessary to claim that the lab will

be reserved in 10 or less minutes when it will actually be reserved in 15, to absolutely make

sure it is empty when the class arrives.


2) Give a simple explanation of what a lab assistant is to do incase of a

password lockout by a user.


Ask the user for his/her ID first. Then determine whether it’s Novell or Tophat

passwords or both.  Make a ticket that includes the username and describing

which password(s) is/are to be changed. Assign the ticket to the HelpDesk and

give them a call.


3) List 3 things a lab assistant must check on a user before allowing them

to enter the lab.



Food or Drink

Any suspicious materials that may compromise lab security


4) When it comes to printers, what is a lab assistant responsible for?


Replacing toner cartridges, filling them with paper, clearing paper jams, assisting with

manual feed questions/problems, and monitoring improper printer use, i.e. 100 copies of

1 document.


5) A lab assistant cannot make their shift. What are they supposed to do?

(Sounds easy, but people have problems following through)


Hopefully the lab assistant can email days in advance about not being able to

make their shift and then get someone to cover their hours. Also notify Stacee of

who is covering and what hours are being covered. If it is a short notification absence then

the lab assistant should call in and tell the other lab assistants that he/she won’t be

able to make it and if needed can try to find a replacement.  It would be a good idea

to email Stacee in this situation as well.



6) A user in Microsoft Word is having problems with double spacing and

bullets. How do you alter these qualities?


Probably the easiest way is just by selecting the text  they want  affected and

Then right clicking, which will bring up a menu including “Paragraph”

and “Bullets and Numbering”. Under paragraph there is a pull down menu called

“Line Spacing” which may be changed to double space, single, or whatever. 

Choosing bullets and numbering brings up a self-explanatory menu on bullets

and customization.


7) Another user in Microsoft Word needs to change their page margins to

teacher specs. How do you do this?


Go to the “File” drop down menu and choose “Page Setup” the first tab selected

is “Margins”.  From there you can change the numerical values to those required

by the teacher.


8) You find a student having problems with PowerPoint. They messed up

their whole presentation when their information got out of order. How do

you rearrange all the slides?


First I would recommend trying to “Undo” the mistakes they made, if that

can not be done then I suggest going to “Slide Sorter View”, there you can

easily drag slides into the order you desire.


9) A student in Access is getting an error message saying that the table

cannot be created until a primary key is defined. How do you fix this?



Go to the “Design View” of the table and there you will see the list of field names.

To the left there are small gray blocks, by clicking on this area next to the desired

field name, you may right click and choose the option “Primary Key” or go up to the

“Edit” pull down menu and choose “Primary Key”.


10) Someone in excel is trying to make 3 cells into one. How do you do



First select (highlight) the cells you want merged then you can click the button on the

Toolbar that looks like this <-a-> called “Merge and Center” or you can right click and choose

“Format Cells”.  Under the “Alignment” tab there is a checkbox called “Merge Cells”.