EricMB: I wasn't really playing minesweeper... mainly cause it sucks

-nw = run in terminal, instead of X

C = Ctrl
M = Alt


C-x C-s = save file
C-x C-c = exit emacs

C-f = next character
C-b = previous character
C-e = end of current line
C-a = beginning of current line
C-n = next line
C-p = previous line
M-> = end of buffer
M-< = beginning of buffer
C-v = page down
M-v = page up

C-d = delete character at cursor position
M-d = delete character to the right of cursor position
C-k = delete rest of the line from cursor position (kill)
M-backspace = delete from the left one word at a time
C-space = mark and create a selection, move cursor to finalize selection
C-w = delete selection
C-y = copy selection (yank) ?
C-x u = undo

C-s = search for specified string
M-% = query for string and replace with specified string (from current position)
Query and replace commands:
y = replace this occurrence
n = skip this occurrence
. = replace this occurrence and stop searching
! = replace all remaining occurrences

M-x hanoi = tower of hanoi animation