mozilla firefox

home page:
multiple tabbed homepages may be set like so||

by entering a search phrase in the location bar you'll end up with google's first hit

you can right-click on a phrase on a webpage and choose search web for "phrase" to bring up google results

search bar history can be cleared by right-clicking the search bar and choosing  "clear search history"

clicking the google icon in the search bar allows you to change search engines and also add more engines
my preferred searches:
google (keyword: g)
imdb (keyword: imdb)
amazon (keyword: a)
wikipedia (keyword: wiki)
merriam-webster dictionary (keyword: mw)
iblist (keyword: book)
netflix (keyword: flix)
sourceforge (keyword: sf)
ebay (keyword: ebay)
dell (keyword: dell)
netcraft (keyword: nc)
freshmeat projects (not yet)
cddb (not yet)

live bookmarks (in bookmark toolbar):

IE View
HTML Validator
Adblock Plus

keyboard shortcuts:
Ctrl-K or Ctrl-E = have search bar gain cursor focus
Down arrow (in search bar) = list history of previous searches
Ctrl-T = new tab
Ctrl-D = bookmark a page
Ctrl-P = print dialog