(09:21:19 PM) c0c0blade: mmm the pool parties
(09:22:53 PM) c0c0blade: only my raft survives
(09:23:04 PM) c0c0blade: because I blew my soul into it

gcc file.c
g++ file.cpp

(compile) options:
-I <directory> = search specifed directory for header files as well (uppercase i)
-o <filename> = output to specified filename. if no filename given then output to a.out
-l<libraryname> = search specified library for function references ex. -lSDL ...must be in /lib or /usr/lib (lowercase L)
-L<library path> = add additional search location for libraries

warning options:
-Werror = make all warnings into errors

creating a library
ar crv libtest.a file1.o file2.o
ranlib libtest.a
use nm command to list functions included in an object, executable, or library file
use ldd to list shared libraries required by a executable

installing applications from src
navigate to the src directory 
./configure - produces custom Makefile to fit environment
make - compiles src
make install (requires root)  - copies compiled program to system
make uninstall - used to uninstall the program
make clean - deletes all object and executable files