Here are the two official responses that I've been waiting on. They reiterate what was said at the last meeting about Linux on the SunBlades.

Red Hat's current version: 9.0
Red Hat's last version to support Sparcs: 6.2

SuSe's current version: 8.2
SuSe's last version to support Sparcs: 7.3

SuSe and RedHat are the only two major players of Linux in the enterprise. If Linux system administration is going to be taught it should be on one of these two distributions. The only other distribution that comes close to these two is Mandrake Linux, which also cut off Sparc support (at 7.1, their current is 9.1).

However, there are two other Linux distributions which currently support Sparcs: Gentoo Linux and Debian Linux. The bad news is that both are hobbyist Linux distributions more for personal use than for a corporate environment.

Official Red Hat response:
The last version we released with SPARC support
was RHL 6.2, and that product has reached its end
of life. We no longer guarantee that critical
updates will be made available. I'm sorry that we
don't have anything to offer you at this time.
Please contact me directly if you have further
questions. Thanks for your interest!
Shawn Hunter
Sales Development Representative
Red Hat, Inc.

Official SuSe response:
Dear "Eric Bouse",

many thanks for your request.

You wrote:

> Hi,
> We're currently looking into installing a Linux distribution on several
> of our SunBlade workstations. Does SuSe still support Sparc processors
> with the latest distribution or was the last version that did support
> them 7.3?

Yes. You can download the SUSE 7.3 for Sparc here:

We no longer produce this OS nor do we support it.

Yours sincerely,

Marissa Krupa