dvr info

vcd316 (16 channel)
minimal linux on amd geode processor
128mb ram
up to 3 hdds, 2 if cd/rw included (300gb per hdd max)
journaled file system probably ext3, reiser, or jfs
lan based backup, or usb device - usb hdd, usb key
auto-rebooting when failures occur
restriction on amount of users viewing: 16
it is rack mountable (supposedly)
viewing via web browser or remote agent software
config can be backed up
updates via firmware
max record time on highest quality: 74 hrs on 160gb
^non motion sense, 74 hrs equals a little over 3 days
bandwidth usage limits can be set
somewhat serviceable, can add/replace hdds and possibly optical drive

some googled pricing:
VCD316161     16 CH. DVR TRIPLEX/NETWORK 160     $2,243.69
VCD316162     16 CHANNEL NETWORK/TRIPLEX 320     $2,616.19
VCD316252     16 CH DVR W/CDRW 500GB     $3,606.19

so far our quoted price is about $500 cheaper