Installation of Netware 6
Minimum requirements:
Pentium II
256MB RAM (512MB for 6.5 - Rec. 1GB for 6.5)
SYS Volume - 4GB (though should be more than 4)
DOS Partition - 500MB - Rec. 1GB (but really 500MB + amount of RAM in for a core dump)

DOS parition:
kernel: c:\nwserver\server.exe
startup options: c:\nwserver\startup.ncf

DOS system files
MS-DOS - io.sys, msdos.sys,
DR-DOS -,,

SYS Volume:
various server settings: SYS:\SYSTEM\autoexec.ncf

command line:
load ping (loads ping.nlm) - brings up a console gui for ping
load tcpcon - shows tcp/ip related statistics
load inetcfg (2) - configure network settings
load iptrace <hostname/ip> - netware traceroute
config - displays current network settings

down - shuts down the system
restart server - restart
version - display version
secure console ("remove dos" in older versions) - unloads DOS from memory
volumes - list mounted volumes
time -
monitor -

restarting gw-web access:
unload java
load java
unload apache2
load apache2
(have a feeling that just apache2 needs to be reloaded)

Auto-response file: SYS:NI\DATA\RESPONSE.NI

From Netware 4-5
Run install, or Accupg.exe - Accelerated Upgrade, or run \Products\Migrtwzd.exe from a client PC

From Netware 3 or Windows NT
Run \Products\Migrtwzd.exe from a client PC