my old VB5-6 programs:
some of these were done while i was in high school, others were done shortly after i graduated. they all are kind of embarrassing to me now.

draw-o - simple drawing program. free draw, grid, straight lines, circles, colors.
known bugs:
**never implemented a save or open file function.
**eraser is always white despite the color of the background.
**when in straight line mode you have to select regular draw mode again or you'll continously draw straight lines. same thing with circle mode.

the background color change is 0-255 for the rgb scale. the higher the number the stronger that color will be. all 0's is black, all 255's is white.
gotta set the radius first before you do any circles.

grid, straight line, graphics draw, notions and partial coding were stolen from a textbook. everything else - me.

calcv2 - a basic calculator: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, exponents, average.
known bugs:
**menu doesn't work! (file, about)
**clear button - well, i don't know what happened. it was working in version 1.
**division by zero - i thought i had fixed this... just don't do it.
**avg button - wtf?!
**overflow errors, length of strings entered were not trimmed in this version.
**(giggle)** doesn't care what you enter, i.e., numbers, letters, symbols, etc.

horrible, has two input slots: top is num1, bottom is num2. enter numbers then select the desired operation. blank entries are considered 0's.

side note:
i think i had 3 versions of this program. might be why this one is still so full of errors that i'm sure i ended up fixing. i can't find the final version. that one only had one entry slot (!).

unfortunately - all me.

erix project
The Erix Project ReadME v.1.4.0

Hello I'm a very skilled programmer. I made this program so that you may marvel at my abilities!
This program may be freely distributed always. I don't want any money...I hate money! Go ahead and take credit for it if you want. 98% of the code is entirely by me. I borrowed portions for the gradient background, the rounding of numbers, and the Windows API accesses.

*Voltage, resistance, current, and power levels of a electrical circuit found using Ohm's Law
*Useful unit conversion (Tera, Giga, etc...)
*Empty Recycle Bin!
*Open a telnet location cheaply! (Win9X/ME only)
*Random dice roller for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 30, and 100 sided dice
*Conversion between Farenheit/Celsius temperatures and vice versa
*Add Florida sales tax to a value
*1 minute timer, coin flipper, and random letter generator
*Most help is written inside the program! O my!

Future Plans
Meters to Feet (and back)
Cm to Inches (and back)
Km to Miles (you get the picture)
Parallel/series resistance equations
Resistor color code analyzer
My own MP3 list generator (a big maybe right now because I don't know enough)
And any other things I can think of!