I'd rather be poor as a thin honest rat than rich like a wicked fat cat
- Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi

computers (or other network devices) i currently own
router .1, 00:0F:66:01:5C:14 - Linksys Wireless-G Router/Access Point (WRT54G)

myth .2

secondary (steady) 00:20:78:00:C7:C6
Dell Dimension XPS T650r (pic)
Pentium III 650Mhz
20GB & 80GB HDDs
Device Manager Screenshot

main (brilliant) 00:C0:A8:7F:2F:C1
Dell Dimension 4500 (pic)
Pentium IV 2GHz
512MB PC2100 DDR RAM
40GB & 120GB HDDs
Device Manager Screenshot

bridge (pic) .5, 00:12:17:C8:26:A3 - Linksys Wireless-G Workgroup Bridge (WET54GS5)

xbox (pic) .6

lilsrv .7

sun .8 - sunblade150

broken (pic) .9, 00:E0:1E:A6:80:00 - Cisco Catalyst 1900 switch (WS-C1924-EN)

storage (pic) .10, Linksys Network Storage Link (NSLU2) and 2 Maxtor OneTouch 120GB External HDDs

camera (pic) .11, Linksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera

ebaycentral (pic) - retired
ghoul (pic) (device manager) - retired

low-end (abba) - retired
Generic (pic)
AMD K6-2 300Mhz

mobile unit (emobile) - retired
Dell Inspiron 600m (pic)
Pentium M 1.5Ghz
Device Manager Screenshot
HardInfo Report 2

my first PC is here:
^i had this PC since at least 1993, up until probably 1999 when i retired it.

here's me messing with 3dmark in 2002:
650mhz w/ geforce2: before, after (difference being the installation of newest nvidia detonator/forceware drivers)
2ghz w/ geforce4: here

where i buy parts:
batteries.com - CR2025-WR Lithium CMOS battery for IBM ThinkPad 600 (confirmed working)
- gadgets and apparel
directron.com - hard drive coolers
thenerds.net - PCI POST diagnostic card
mwave.com - motherboard & bundles, cases/bare bones, headphones, modems, hard/floppy/cdrom drives, compact flash cards, RAM, switches, keyboards, mice
xoxide.com - rounded cables
abra-electronics.com - rosin flux, isopropyl alcohol
pcconnection.com - surge protectors, UPS's, powerstrip saver cords
jdr.com - crimpers, IC's, cable tester, resistors
cablesonline.com - cheap USB cables & various other cables, laptop2IDE hard drive adapter & other adapters
gadgetpros.com - hex computer screws
affordablesurplus.com - replacement power supply for HP pavilions specifically the Bestec ATX-100-5, its replacement is PS-230SFR.
^confirmed working for a HP pavilion 4473
skyline-eng.com - replacement power supply for Gateway Essential computers, Micro-ATX "NPS-145PB-117A" (or something similiar)
^confirmed working for an Essential 866

preferred products:
cd wallet - case logic tw-48 cd wallet (24-capacity, nylon, metallic silver)
earbud headphones - altec lansing ahp-112

side note: someone referenced the rounded IDE cable pix below on a forum on putera.com (Malaysian?) i thought that was pretty cool and they gave me credit.
thank you to nonamezzz

i'm not really into PC-modding, but a while back rashaun showed me his homemade rounded-IDE cable project. he had a page called Rashaun's Cable Madness that gave step-by-step instructions on how to create one. i didn't want to attempt a homemade version though. i feared messing up and thus ruining a perfectly good cable. i found some professionally made ones for a very agreeable price at the site xoxide.com (referenced in MaximumPC). thanks to rashaun for introducing me to the concept. i have since switched out all my PCs to rounded IDE cables.
pix below:
cables -- before -- after
i guess therefore i'm into modding only if i find the mod useful.

i also asked rashaun about hdd cooling. i have a big worry about my 80GB drive failing someday since my room is unearthly hot.
he recommended me a brand and model, but they took up a 5 1/4 slot on the case. i don't want to waste the space plus it probably
won't match my chassis color exactly...niahh! but..me and ram was wandering around a PC shop in orange city and saw a cooler
that just hooks onto the bottom of the hdd. i wanted to check for cheaper prices online and i found some, i ordered two and if all
goes well i'll put up some pix.

today the hdd coolers came in and i installed one. the experience wasn't very good. the cooler took up a lot more space than i thought it
would. i had thought that it would be tightly against the bottom of the hdd. the fans are actually extended another hdd's length beneath
the drive you want to cool. so essentially when you put this cooler on it takes up space big enough for 2 drives. that wouldn't have been
so bad since i only had one drive in that PC drive bay....but this is when the real hassle began. The Dell case wasn't mod friendly at all i could barely
fit the contraption into the drive cage. no screws could get lined up. the two cdrom drives above the drive made it impossible to use the two holes
that would line up. niahhh. i had to snip two pieces off the metal drive cage and sort of force two holes to line up. it seemed steady enough and
after 40min messing with it i was satisfied. i powered the PC on with case off and i heard this rapid-fire cricket noise. i immediately started thinking
there's no way i'm going to put up with that. damn. i put the case back on and the sound died down quite a bit but it was still audible and worse
it didn't keep a rhythm. so there was no way it could drone into the background. good news though after about 5min of being on the noise
stopped altogether i couldn't hear a thing...which i hope that means the fans are still working and just had to get broken in. w00t!
would i go thru the trouble again? probably not