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Roxio/Adaptec Easy CD Creator and DirectCD
1. When Roxio/Adaptec Easy CD Creator is uninstalled on a 2000 box (also applies to Windows XP) and all CD-ROM devices thus disappear. It will show one of 3 errors in device manager on the CD-ROMs. You can mess around in device manager all day to no effect.

The 3 messages:
"The device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31)."
"A driver for this device was not required, and has been turned off (Code 32 or Code 31)."
"Your registry might be corrupted. (Code 19) "

Enter regedit and find the following key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}. Then remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values. Restart Computer.
(Source: MS Knowledge Base)

2. Two copies of DirectCD being installed on a computer put CPU usage up to 100% and brought it almost to a stand-still.

1. Lost admin password
If C:\ is FAT then you can bootup on a DOS floppy
(original source unknown)

9/2003 -
Marcel G. and I have recently found a somewhat better way of resetting a lost admin password. Using this method won't delete all users on the machine like the method above does and will also work on NTFS. It's a very nice Linux-based boot disk, the author's site is here (http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd). As mentioned on his site it seems to work much more reliably if you blank the password by entering a * instead of trying to change the password to something else.

2. To convert a FAT partition to NTFS, from commandline "convert c: /fs:ntfs". Substitute "c" with whatever drive letter as needed.

3. Windows_NT services - here, should also be good for XP.

4. Get a list of all command-line commands by going to Help/Help and Support and do a search for "command reference".

5. System boots to a blue screen with an error message containing "BAD_POOL_CALLER". One most likely cause is that bad drivers were installed for a device. Try going to safe mode to remove or disable the bad drivers in device manager. Check Add/Remove Programs as well to see if there was an install for that particular driver, if so uninstall it. If possible also try to boot to a Last Known Good Configuration.

6. To get around blue screens at boot that display the message "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE":
This is caused mostly by imaging to a computer with a different hard drive controller. Look up your destination PC's hard drive controller and add an entry into the sysprep.inf for it on the PC with the master image.

Like so:
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2411 = "%windir%\inf\mshdc.inf"
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24CB = "%windir%\inf\mshdc.inf"
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_244B = "%windir%\inf\mshdc.inf"

Device PnP IDs can be found using the program pnpids.exe. I used it as pnpids c:\winnt\inf > output.txt, to output a text file of all devices.

Common Intel drive controllers can be found in the output like this:
[oem13.inf] Manufacturer: Intel

Primary IDE Channel:
Secondary IDE Channel:
Intel(R) 82801AA Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801AA Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801AB Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801AB Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801DB Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801DB Ultra ATA Controller:
Intel(R) 82801DB Ultra ATA Controller:

Dell Optiplexes:
GX110/200 - Intel 82801AA Ultra ATA Controller
GX240/150/400 - Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller
GX260 - Intel 82801DB Ultra ATA Controller
GX270 - Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Controller (Not included in Win2k)
GX280 - Intel 82801FB Ultra ATA Controller
GX620 - Intel 82801GB Serial ATA/Ultra ATA Controller
745 - Intel ICH8 Serial ATA Storage Controller

7. While trying to install or uninstall an App that uses Windows Installer you receive the following message "Error 1327. Invalid Drive: <Drive Letter>". The drive letter format is like this: H:\
After the error message is displayed the install/uninstall then cancels. Do a registry search for that drive letter "H:\" (for example) and you should end up in one or several locations named "Shell Folders". Change the bad drive letters to something more appropriate.

8. Blue screens out to a "KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR" message. The MS Knowledge Base shows several possible causes, in our case it was a hard drive with mechanical problems.

9. System dump files are located in C:\Winnt\Minidump\. The dump files can be analyzed with the "dumpchk" utility. Use "pstat" to make use of the dumpchk information.

10. RPC Patch: Windows2000-KB823980-x86-ENU.exe, rb.net link here.

11. Quicklaunch icons are stored in %Userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

12. Disk-cleanup with a NTFS file system always attempts to "Compress Old Files", this is very time consuming. This feature can be turned off thru a regedit:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches\Compress old files.
Delete the value for REG_SZ, it should be - {B50F5260-0C21-11D2-AB56-00A0C9082678}.
(source InfoWorld)

13. Windows Installer v3.1, rb.net link here.

14. moved elsewhere

15. LSASS Patch: Windows2000-KB835732-x86-ENU.EXE, rb.net link here.

16. A hard drive with capacity over 128GB is only showing 128GB available. Fix: Make sure you have Win2k SP3 at least or WinXP SP1 installed. Then run the Reg48bitLBA utility that can be found on Seagate's site under Support->Disc Products. Also installing the Intel Application Accelerator on a PC with a supported Intel chipset can also get you past this barrier (unconfirmed).

When a new user logs in and tries to run visio it just hangs.
From the run prompt enter this: "C:\Program Files\Visio\Visio32.exe" /r
(source Dan J. and Helen M.)

1. Manual Audit Path: \\dbcc-fs4\vol1\trackitaudit\audit32.exe
Set TIA and computer name first, reboot
Run audit, fill out following fields:
audit 1st part
audit 2nd part

2. In Track-IT 5.0, printing will not work. Goto ODBC Settings, System DSN tab and remove TrackIt - SQL Server entry.
(source Paul W.)

3. Account already in use when trying to login (although you aren't logged into any other PC). Track-IT requires you to close the Track-IT app before shutting down a PC, else it believes you are still logged in. Contact Track-IT admin to log you out.

4. To auto-fillout your name, date, & time when making notes under Resolution..hit the F12 key.

5. Paths:
Web Track-IT: http://dbcc-sql1/tiweb50
Executable Track-IT:

Track-IT 6 Paths
Web Track-IT: http://tiweb.dbcc.edu
Executable Track-IT:

6. To create an auto Track-IT login, edit the shortcut to Track-IT. After the path to the executable and add this: /U="username" /P="password".

1. Trying to install GW you receive "Error: Cannot load packing.lst", then the install discontinues. Fix: replace mapi32.dll with this one mapi32.dll, located in C:\Windows\System32.

2. Issue: A GW rule set to reply to emails during a leave period has replies coming back undeliverable, only to external email addresses however. Chris B. explained the following:
"GroupWise does not do external rule based replies because of the number of people who are on mailing lists. In some situations, the server they reply to replies back with a 'do not reply to me' email and begins a looping process. The loop fills up the senders mailbox and puts a tremendous strain on the GroupWise server. We encourage users to send email informing their contacts they will be out of the office rather than depending on rules."

3. Issue: On a Win98 Machine, GW is printing everything in Arabic. A uninstall and reinstall doesn't fix it.
Fix: Install newer printer drivers such as a PCL6 version.
(Source: Novell's Knowledge Base)

4. The infamous ODMA32.DLL issue: On a Win2k/XP box, GW was installed and works fine. However, when a new user is created and then that user attempts to open a document from within the MS Office apps they receive the following error - "GroupWise ODMA Integration: Unable to load the resource library...". Note: Even if you chose not to install GW Office integrations this error still occurs.

Fix: Easiest method is to delete the ODMA32.DLL file found in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32. Then you'll never get the error again unless GW is reinstalled. The much more time consuming fix is to reinstall GW for each and every single user on the machine.
(Source: Novell's Knowledge Base)

5. Setting up alarms in the calendar: right-click on the appointment, check "Alarm". It will ask you how much time before the appt. you want to be reminded/notified (Ex: 10min). A window will then popup at the time given to remind the user. This alarm will automatically be added to all appts from then on.
(Source: Me)

6. GW rule stops replying after initial response to the email sender. this is a feature called Smart Reply, here it is described in detail by Chris B.-
"One of the new features in GroupWise 6 is Smart Reply. If a user sets up a vacation rule to respond any incoming email, the sending user's email address is added to a list in the GroupWise client. The first message from a sender is replied to with the vacation rule. If other messages are sent from the same email address (the sender has now been added to the list), no reply is sent. The list is cleared each time the rule is activated. This new feature prevents looping, when a user's rule replies to another user's rule in an endless cycle. I'm sure it will also confuse some users when they do not receive replies with every email sent."

7. Addresses can be written as firstname.lastname@dbcc.edu. names must match those in GW address book. (Source: Chris B.)

8. Mapi32.dll keeps getting overwritten after being replaced, you notice a backup copy of it being made in System32. When GW is ran it displays a message similar to this "The ordinal 185 could not be located in the dynamic link library MAPI32.DLL".

Fix: Check to see if Netscape (or other Mozilla app) is installed on the system. If so the user is most likely using that app's email client and setting it as default. Restore the original mapi32.dll from backup. Run the Netscape or other app email client. It should prompt you whether or not you want to set the program as the default email client. Select not to show the message again and then click No.
(Source: A forum I found somewhere)

9. Startup switches:
/bl                                 disables GW logo
/ipa-<IP Address>         specifies an IP address
/ipp-<Port #>                specifies port number
/@u-?                           always display login dialog
/@u-<User>                  specify username
(Source: Groupwise documentation)

10. Our internal GW IP Addresses:, port 1678, port 1677

11. Making offline backups of GW messages:
It seems Novell actually recommends a third party piece of software to create offline backups of GW messages. It basically can take an archive and output all the messages to HTML and then provide an interface that's very similar to GW Web Access to view them. I tested out the evaluation version and it's very easy to use. It's called Nexic Personal Publisher and runs for about $60 per license.
link, screenshot

Further info:
config screenshot1
config screenshot2
(Source: Me)

12. Getting Outlook and Groupwise clients to coexist. Outlook seems to want to become the dominant mail profile on the system and thus wipes out the GW Address Book.
First, you'll want to go to Control Panel->Mail->Show Profiles. If only one profile exists like "Novell Default Settings" you'll need to create another separate one for Outlook (you may have to reassociate your non-GW account settings with this profile). Then choose "Prompt for a profile to be used" under "When starting Outlook...".

I've noticed if "Always use this profile" is checked then the GW address book is still wiped out. After clicking OK you can proceed to reinstall Groupwise to restore the address book. The path to the setup is CD-ROM:\GW602client\CLIENT\WIN32\Setup.exe. You can just reinstall over your existing copy of GW without causing any damage.

Unfortunately, this method creates an additional step when starting Outlook to choose a profile, but this has been the only way I've gotten both clients to coexist. When Outlook is started simply select the new Outlook profile to use instead of the Novell one.
screenshot1, screenshot2
(Source: Me)

13. GW 7 Web Access using Windows Vista's Internet Explorer 7+
In IE7 goto Tools>Internet Options>Advanced. Enable SSL 2.0, Apply, Restart IE, Proceed with any warning dialogs.
(Source: Eric V./Boise State University Web Site)

1. Client installation: here

2. When using the client to login you receive the message- "A domain controller could not be found for the specific domain."
Goto Advanced>Windows Tab, the "From:" dropdown probably contains something other than the local workstation's name.
Change to appropriate name or a valid domain name if you are also on a MS network.

Searching the registry and deleting the entry with the domain name seems to work so that the problem doesn't resurface.
(Source: Me)

3. Clearing last username that logged in: Regedit, goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Location Profiles\Services\{...}\Default and clear the value for UserName.
This is something I found out by experimenting.
(Source: Me)

4. It seems that on a Win2K workstation that doesn't have MS Client installed and someone logged in locally, that when they try to lock the workstation the computer will reboot. If the MS Client is installed the lock workstation operation works fine. If the person logged into the workstation via NDS, locking the workstation works fine whether the MS Client is there or not. Just something to take note of.
(Source: Me)

1. Sample of local IP Multicast/Ghostcast Server
IP: (increment)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: 192.168.1.xxx (1) (IP of the host computer w/ Ghostcast Server)

Note1: If using a Linksys router (or possibly other brands) remember that is already in use by the router itself.
Note2: Better yet, if using a router with DHCP server capabilities you can create DHCP-enabled bootdisks. (Or if you have access to any DHCP server really).
(Source: Me)

2. In Ghost v7.5 when using a network bootdisk for a Dell Optiplex GX260 you receive "Error: Unable to locate PCI LAN Adapter", even though you chose the correct Intel Pro 1000 drivers to create the disk.

Fix: Download the latest Intel Pro 1000 drivers for DOS. Then make a Ghost network bootdisk template (NDIS2) for new drivers.
Under Driver Properties:
Filename: e1000.dos (browse to this location)
Driver Name: e1000$
Parameters: (blank)

Name the new template something like "Intel Pro 1000 (New)". The rest is normal bootdisk creation procedure.

^The issue above does not occur in Ghost v8.0

3. DOS NDIS2 network driver for Dell Latitude D600 - Broadcom BCM570X (Broadcom 570X Gigabit Integrated Controller). Available for download at www.broadcom.com.

^The above drivers are included in Ghost 8.0 as Broadcom NetXtreme Family v6.34

4. Example of commandline options for the Ghostcast Server
server running
shortcut to server

5. How exactly do you make a bootable Ghost CD?
I actually make the bootable CDs from within Roxio EZ CD Creator. Make a new bootable CD project and then choose to generate an image from floppy. This allows CDs to boot as an emulated floppy disk.

I suggest creating a Ghost bootdisk w/ CD support as well as including the NIC driver for whatever system you are supporting. This disk can be created by mixing elements from various Ghost bootdisks and some modifying of the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. Once you have a working floppy disk to your liking go ahead and create the CD from its image.

Leave the CD project open and then add the Ghost executable to it. Any files outside of the emulated floppy require DOS CD-ROM drivers to be able to read them. That's why I mentioned above to make a disk w/ CD support.

You might want to use a CD-RW disc since this process usually involves lots of testing.

@echo off
SET TZ=GHO+05:00
prompt $p$g
LH \MSCDEX.EXE /D:cd1 /D:cd2 /D:cd3 /L:X
echo Loading...
cd ghost
GHOST.EXE -blind -ja=erock -js=1 -jm=m -fx -sure
goto END


DEVICE=\net\protman.dos /I:\net
DEVICE = oakcdrom.sys /D:cd1
DEVICE = btdosm.sys
DEVICE = flashpt.sys
DEVICE = btcdrom.sys /D:cd2
DEVICE = aspi2dos.sys
DEVICE = aspi8dos.sys
DEVICE = aspi4dos.sys
DEVICE = aspi8u2.sys
DEVICE = inicd.sys /D:cd3

(Source: Me)

6. A quick semi-automated boot floppy

@echo off
SET TZ=GHO+05:00
prompt $p$g

echo Loading...
echo Press enter
echo Then insert 2nd disk
echo Then run ghostme
goto END

DEVICE=\net\protman.dos /I:\net
DEVICE = btdosm.sys
DEVICE = flashpt.sys

GHOST.EXE -blind -ja=erock -js=1 -jm=m -fx -sure

(Source: Me)

Copycenter Printing (Xerox Docutech 6180)
1. Job ticket format

2. LPD method: Print Services for Unix must be installed, XDS must still be installed (?), delete existing printer/port, create new one with newer PS3 C4 drivers. Name or address of server: dt6180, Name of queue: hold.

- Right-click on the newly created 6180 printer, and select Properties
- Click on the Device Settings tab, and scroll down the list of options
- Find 'Send DocuSP 2.X compatible Job Ticket' at the bottom, and change to No
- Click Ok
This should be set by default, but it's best to double check.
(source Paul W.)

Bootvis (XP)
1. bootvis

Office XP
1. Problem: Office XP is installed, product-key accepted, but when you run an office app you get:
"Please enter a valid product key to use this product - setup has detected that the product key is missing or invalid. You will find this 25-character key on your Certificate of Authenticity or the yellow sticker on the back of the case."

Why: Office was installed from a retail copy and the key used was a enterprise key.

Fix: Uninstall office and install from a enterprise source and use the same key.
(Source: MS Knowledge Base)

2. A MS Works file opened in Word isn't displaying properly. Try the Works 6.0 Converter: here

3. Make the Office Shortcut Toolbar start for every user by editing the usual Office Assistant shortcut in the All Users Startup folder to osa.exe -o (remove -b and -l if present). If the shortcut is not present for All Users then place one there. Side note: The actual program that is the Toolbar is called "msoffice.exe".

Office 97
1. How to have both Access 2000 and Access 97 installed on same machine. If neither are installed then install 97 first then 2000. Make seperate folders for both. i.e..C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ and C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office2\.

If 2000 is already installed then you might get this message upon running Access 97 - "Microsoft Access can't start because there is no license for it on this machine." Do a search for "Hatten.ttf" and delete it then run the Office 97 setup again like so "D:\setup.exe /y"
(Source: MS Knowledge Base)

Windows XP
1. Windows XP was just installed and setup has finished. The computer is restarted and you are presented with a blue screen along with the error message - "STOP 0x000000ED UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME". Further restarts have the same result.

Cause: You're using a ultra-ATA hard drive with only a 40-pin IDE cable, you need a 80-pin cable. Change cables.

2. Sysprep XP
From Ryan Stowers:
"To get the sysprep utility off the windows xp cdrom its located in the \SUPPORT\TOOLS folder. Open or unpack the DEPLOY.CAB file somewhere and you should see these files...

07/21/2001 02:18 PM 27,357 cvtarea.exe
07/21/2001 02:18 PM 414,273 deploy.chm
08/17/2001 01:57 PM 116,224 factory.exe
07/21/2001 02:18 PM 50,055 oformat.com
08/08/2001 06:31 PM 12,627 readme.txt
08/08/2001 06:31 PM 779,493 ref.chm
08/17/2001 01:57 PM 22,528 setupcl.exe
07/21/2001 02:18 PM 129,015 setupmgr.chm
08/17/2001 01:57 PM 508,416 setupmgr.exe
08/17/2001 01:57 PM 97,792 sysprep.exe

(setupmgr.exe is the sysprep.inf creating wizard - eric)

When you run sysprep now its different than 2000's was, you now have options to choose from. AFAIK to make it work like 2000's sysprep was what we do is have the "Pre-Activated" flag enabled and also set it to shutdown the computer when done. To proceed with the sysprep press the "Reseal" button. It should behave then on reboot like a 2000 sysprep did asking for the admin password and machine id as usual.

3. Blue screen on boot with "STOP 0x0000004E PFN_LIST_CORRUPT..". According to MS Knowledge Base this could be happening for a couple of reasons. The cause in the case that I was associated with was a bad memory module. Upon removing the bad DIMM the computer booted normally.

4. To allow auto-login, from run prompt type "control userpasswords2". Then the process is identical to Win2k's procedure. Also note that you can get to the control panel by typing "control" at the run prompt.

5. Turning off auto-run for cdrom devices:
Change the value of Autorun to 0

6. Disable Error Reporting: My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Error Reporting.

7. WinXP moves commonly used files to faster sections of the hard drive every 3 days. To force this event type "Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks" at the run prompt.
(Source: MaximumPC magazine)

8. Check system for unsigned drivers, type "sigverif" at run prompt. (Source: MaximumPC magazine)

9. Adding background images to folders:
Create a file called desktop.ini in the folder of your choosing
Copy and paste this into the top line of the file -


The Image path can be changed of course. The text line changes text color within that folder so that filenames and such can still be legible.
The above entry changes the text to white. The last 3 bytes represent RGB data like so - 0x00BBGGRR.

Now attrib +s the desktop.ini file to make it a system file and you're done.
(Source: PC World magazine)

Also interesting is that you can change the icon of any folder just by clicking on the folders properties.

10. Accessing NetMeeting in XP: run "conf" from run prompt to initialize NetMeeting setup.

11. Disable Low Disk Space warnings: Create a key called NoLowDiskSpaceChecks w/ Type: REG_DWORD & Value: 1 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

12. Security tab for Printer configuration is missing. From within the Printers folder goto Tools->Folder Options->View. At the very bottom of the listing uncheck "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" and the Security tab will be restored.
(Source: Experts Exchange)

13. GDI Patch: WindowsXP-KB833987-x86-ENU.exe, rb.net link here

14. WPA Support Patch: Q815485_WXP_SP2_x86_ENU.exe, rb.net link here

15. WPA2 Support Patch: WindowsXP-KB893357-v2-x86-ENU.exe, rb.net link here

16. Enabling DMA Transfer Mode for optical drives:
Device Manager->Secondary IDE Channel Properties->Advanced Settings tab
Change Current Transfer Mode to "DMA if available".

17. Random Sysprep notes
WMI is unavailable when running scripts etc from cmdlines.txt. I'm guessing because the WMI service is perhaps not running at this point.

1. A user is printing from CARS and multiple copies are coming out. When printing from windows the correct number of copies are printed, just not in CARS. Fix: On the printer itself the "COPIES = X" entry was set to more than one. Set back to 1.
(Source: Kathy C.)

2. For resetting a CARS password and all other type of CARS-related system maintenance, send an email to Spike, Rusty, George, Marek, Lisa, & John H.
(Source: Renee' H.)

3. Using Printer Control to clear a printer queue:
Idle Printer
Clear Spooler
All Forms
Start Printer

^This usually forces out any jobs stuck in the queue.
(Source: Paul W.)

4. Setup a USB printer to be a CARS slave printer. Install printer driver normally then share the printer via File and Printer Sharing. Now go to the command prompt and type: net use lpt1: \\computername\printersharename /persistent:yes

This command captures LPT1 to the printer specified. You should receive a message noting if the operation was successful or not.

If printjobs are still failing then go to the printer object properties go to the "Advanced" tab and then click on "Print Processor". For default datatype choose "TEXT".

Files can be sent to LPT1 from the command line by typing "copy filename lpt1".

5. Setup of transcript printer (M5200):
  Font Source = Resident
  Font Name = R0 Courier
  Pitch = 16.30
  Symbol Set = 10U PC-8
  Orientation = Landscape
  Lines per Page = 44
  A4 Width = 198 mm

Alternate config:
Pitch = 12.50
Lines per Page = 70

6. Error message "QuickMate is already running"..when it of course not running. Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall EMBASSY Trust Suite by Wave Systems.

1. Required ODBC config is here. (source Helpdesk Manual)

2. In K-scope some menus/tables/buttons/etc do not display correctly. Solution: Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->General, Font Size needs to be set to "Small Fonts".
(Source: David Y., John H.)

Network Printing
1. IP addresses:
10.99.(Old bldg#).x for Jetdirect printers
10.100.(Old bldg#).x for MFDs
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: 10.x.254.254

2. Buildings
100 (37) - Administration/Musuem
110 (16) - CBI
120 (3) - Testing/Assessment/Telco
130 (7) - Cafeteria/Recruitment
140 (34) - UCF Bldg. I
150 (36) - UCF Bldg. II/Math Dept.

200 (28) - Bookstore/Networking Labs/Business
210 (2) - Library
220 (8) - Theater
230 (25) - Music

300 (14) - IS/Learning Center
310 (4) - Athletics/Gym
320 (27) - Nursing
330 (18) - Behavioral Sciences
340 (1) - Languages

400 (41) - WCEU
410 (44) - Science
420 (38) - Child Care/Criminal Justice/Fire Science
430 (39) - Adult Ed/Culinary/Cafe 101

500 (12) - Visual Arts
510 (10) - Industrial Tech/Copy Center
520 (26) - Vocational Tech/Simulation
530 (15) - Under Renovation
540 (5) - Campus Safety

600 (17) - Central Receiving/Purchasing/Mail Room/Physical Plant

1. To reset a IP phone: **#**

2. IP phones:
Anytime you encounter a Cisco IP Phone that is stuck in this "Configuring IP" loop (see below email), the remedy that usually works is to unplug the network cable to it, and then replug it. This has the effect of powering down the phone, and essentially rebooting it. (Exact quote from P. Wheeler)

3. Transferring a call on a Cisco 7940 Series IP phone -
Answer call, hit soft button Transfer, type in destination extension...wait until it says "Connected", hit transfer button again and hang up.

1. Compaq 500's have the Intel 82810E Graphics Controller and a Intel chipset, use Intel's Chipset Software Installation Utility to install proper drivers. The Graphics driver is a seperate download.

2. Compaq 500 (Tower only) video problem, fixed w/ help of JBT. Solution and further description here.

3. Compaq warranty information can be looked up here: "http://h71025.www7.hp.com/support/warranty_upgrades/index.asp?focus=no", or as a link.

1. When trying to open a .xls file in Excel it comes up with file format invalid. If the file can open in Word you can save it as a HTML document then reopen in Excel.
(Source MS Knowledge Base)

1. A listing of other programs/services that I've noticed ZoneAlarm blocks or itself begins to behave oddly:
VNC - kills connections
MS ActiveSync - will not allow browsing of pocketpc
WinMX - during several downloads, Zonealarm starts to bog the system down tremendously

Windows Media Player
1. Audio is playing too quickly as in sounding "chipmunkish". To fix for CD-Audio you can disable Digital Playback. The real problem though is either corrupted audio drivers or the wrong drivers were installed. So therefore the real fix is to install/reinstall the correct drivers.

HP Products
1. HP's support number: 1-800-474-6836

2. HP's troubleshooting of blinking lights on Deskjet 5000 (5550) printers... *update - 6/2004* Info is now available on HP's Support site in PDF form - HP Deskjet 5550 Series printers: Windows User's Guide. HP Support link.

3. Print cartridges for a (ordered from office supply company):
HP Deskjet 5550 - HP 56 Black Ink C6656A, HP 57 Tri-Color Ink C6657A.

4. Various HP parts are available at HP PartSurfer. Replacement CDs for some all-in-ones, multifunction devices, scanners, etc are available for purchase from the Support & Drivers page, for about $9.95.

5. HP Designjet 800PS issue
Upon powering on the plotter component the LCD displays:
System Error 05:10
Call HP Support

Severe Error 0x4050002
Task: tRootTask
File: rpc.c
Line: 251

Things to try: Reseat the formatter card, reseat the SODIMM on the formatter, put the formatter in a different slot, upgrade the firmware.

If none of this works a new formatter card will need to be ordered, which costs around $484.
(Source: HP Designjet forums & HP Designjet Product Support)

Adobe Products
1. Older versions of Acrobat Reader: here.

2. When starting Adobe Reader 6.0, the Microsoft Journal Viewer setup keeps initializing in a loop. This can be resolved by - Installing an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, reinstalling MS Journal Viewer (available as a single download from MS site), or uninstalling MS Journal Viewer from Add/Remove Programs. Also it should be possible to avoid this problem by installing Adobe Reader 6.0 first and then the Journal Viewer next.

1. Custom in-house program developed for property management. It requires the following files in this >zip< to be extracted into the System or System32 directory.

1. When trying to save a file in cardfile this message is displayed: "Not enough disk space to save file". Even though there's plenty of diskspace. The file has most likely become corrupted. The best solution that I have found is to import the corrupted .crd file into a program called Personal Knowbase (www.bitsmith.com) and then export it again as a .crd file. Knowbase will recover as many of the entries as possible.

Another nice utility is crd2html.exe which exports a .crd file out into HTML.

1. Here is some info I've compiled from APC manuals - here.

2. Listing of our junked APC inventory is here.

1. Dell printers as of 11/2003
Model                                  Price                                  Comparable to
M5200n                               $899                                  HP4200n
S2500n                                $699                                  HP2300n
S2500                                  $449                                  HP2300l
P1500                                  $249                                  HP1300
^All monochrome lasers

A940                                    $129                                  HP PSC 2110
A920                                    $89                                    HP1210
J740                                     $79                                    HP5550
^Top2 are all-in-ones, bottom is a inkjet

New printers as of 10/2004
A922                                    $89
A960                                    $179

W5300N                               $1,249                              HP4300N
1700N                                  $299                                 HP1300N
1700                                    $199                                 HP1300
^Monochrome lasers

1600N                                  $399                                 HP3030MFP

3000cn                                 $449                                 HP2550
3100cn                                 $549                                 HP2550
5100cn                                 $999                                 HP3700
^Color lasers

2. Ctrl+Alt+D at the BIOS screen initializes Dell's hard drive diagnostics.

3. Link to Dell's support forums: here.

4. A GX240 replacement motherboard oddity.

5. Security locks to Dell systems can be found at www.dell.pc-security.com provided by Datamation Systems.

6. Windows locks up after installing the driver for the Dell 1350 WLAN Mini-PCI card on Latitude D610's. Fix: Upgrade to latest BIOS.
(Source: Dell Forums)

7. To pause BIOS/POST bootup hit the Pause/Break key.

8. Some C-series Latitudes (C600 for example) with the Dell True Mobile 1150 Series Mini-PCI Card show a "Cable media disconnected" message from ipconfig, even though you are associated to an access point with a strong signal. Go to support.dell.com and download the Sofware Patch for Lucent Mini-PCI under Window 2000 Professional (filename: w2kroute.exe). It should be listed under the Network driver section.
(Source: Me)

9. Enabling NIC boot on older Dells GX150, 240, etc..enter BIOS goto Integrated Devices then NIC and choose "On w/ PXE" or "One w/ MBA".
(Source: Dell Forums)

10. Dimensions and weights of various machines:
Current generation Dell Optiplex chassis dimensions (GX620, 745, future purchase)
H:16.10in. W:7.36in. D:17.52in.

Last generation Dell Optiplex chassis dimensions (GX150, GX240, GX260, GX270, GX280)
H:16.7in. W:7.1in. D:17.6in.

Current generation Dell Flat Panel Monitors (UltraSharp 1708FP)
H:13.1in W:14.6in D:7.2in
Weight: 11.5lbs

Last generation Dell Flat Panel Monitors (e172FPb, 173FPf)
H: 15.9in W:14.9in D:5.55in
Weight: 11.1lbs

GX260: 28.88lbs
GX280: 28.4lbs
GX620: 26.4lbs

1. When trying to connect to an FTP server CuteFTP responds with "Failed to establish data socket, Error 10060". For that particular site the mode needs to be changed from Passive to Port.

For the Pro series, right click on the site that has connection problems and choose Site Properties, then the Type tab. Then change the Data Connection Type to PORT.
(Source: GlobalSCAPE Support)

Crystal Reports
1. Problem: Clicking on Help from within Crystal Reports 8.5 does not launch the Help contents.

Make sure the Help feature is installed thru the Crystal Reports setup.
Regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports\Help
If "En" = C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports\Help\En
then change "Format" to 2 (0x00000002)


If "En" = C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports\Help\En\HTML
then change "Format" to 3 (0x00000003)

According to the source this is a problem with machines that have IE 6.0 installed on them.
(Source Crystal Technical Support)

1. ADP install howto.

Windows Vista
1. Setting up KMS activation
On the KMS server run from an admin command prompt:
cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ipk <volume license key>
cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ato
(If you skipped this last step you'll probably end up getting an error msg such as this one:
"The software Licensing Service reported that the computer could not be activated. The Key Management Service (KMS) is not enabled.")

Default reporting in the Event Viewer: example
25 machines are required for activation to function
Get a current client count from the KMS server with:
cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -dli

Virtual machines of Vista will not increment the client count

Create a DNS entry for the KMS server and an SRV record for a service running on port 1688

or manually directing a Vista client to the server:
cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -skms <DNS name/IP of KMS server>

Reenabling auto-discovery on Vista clients:
cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ckms

It also may be possible that without maintaining a daily count of 25 client machines the official count will drop to how many boxes are checking in with the KMS regularly. One instance of this occurred so far where a count of 27 dropped to 12. However, this is far from being verified and may be a single occurrence oddity?

Update 11/9/09: To support Windows 7 clients install the KMS 1.2 update on the server, then supply a Win7 KMS key. Will also support older KMS clients (Vista).

(Source: Microsoft's "Windows Vista Volume Activation 2.0: Step-by-Step Guide" as well as firsthand experimentation)

2. WinPE
To map to a network drive from PE use something similar to
"net use z: "\\storage\disk 1"
(user: workgroup\resinblade)

3. ImageX
Imaging process:
Build image
Run sysprep
Capture image

Wiping a drive before applying the image:
enter diskpart
select disk 0
create partition primary
select partition 1
(Source: MS TechNet)

Getting help:
imagex /command /?

Capturing an image:
imagex /compress maximum /capture c: z:\image.wim "description" /verify

Applying an image:
imagex /apply z:\newimage.wim 1 c: /verify

Info switch:
C:\Users\bouseer\Desktop>imagex /info good.wim

ImageX Tool for Windows
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1981-2005. All rights reserved.

WIM Information:
GUID:        {8a4fa695-6085-4533-b3d3-e7412eb0f7f6}
Image Count: 1
Compression: XPRESS
Part Number: 1/1
Attributes:  0x8
             Relative path junction

Available Image Choices:
      <PRODUCTNAME>Microsoft« Windows« Operating System</PRODUCTNAME>

Other switches:
/append - append image into existing WIM file
/dir - displays lists of files/folders in an image
/mount - mounts an image read-only to a specified dir
/mountrw - mounts an image (writable) to a specified dir (example = imagex /mountrw image.wim 1 c:\mnt)
/unmount - unmounts a image that is mounted in a specified dir (example = imagex /unmount /commit c:\mnt)

4. Sysprep
located in c:\windows\system32\sysprep
usually ran as sysprep /oobe /generalize /reboot
i guess /generalize should always go at the end?

Writer's Workbench
1. To open up a sample paper use Alt-B

2. When starting WWB you receive a "WWB Cannot Create Your Temporary Folder" message. This is fixed by going to My Computer->Right-click on Local Disk (C:)->Properties and then make sure "Allow Indexing Service..." option is enabled.

3. When trying to run an analysis you receive a MS Visual Basic Run-time error with details "DataObject:PutInClipboard OpenClipboard Failed". WWB seems to have a conflict with the program Printscreen 95 running simultaneously. Close Printscreen 95 and WWB should function correctly.

1. SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys: Java error message of "...Can't create Java connection to MSDE". In this particular case, MSDE 2000A was rolling back during the program install and thus would never truly get installed. After sorting through MSDE installation information it turns out the File and Printer sharing service must be installed and enabled for MSDE to be installed.
(Source: Me)

Cyberlink PowerDVD
1. To get the Dell packaged version of PowerDVD to install on non-Dells: Edit the Custom.ini file and change the line CLScan=Dell, Unbranded to CLScan='
(Source: OC Forums, Ben B.)

Microsoft Works
1. In Microsoft Works 4.0, 4.5, and 4.5a for Windows 95, you may check records for printing by placing a check mark in the box to the left of the record. Once you have checked the records you want to print, do one of the following:

●   Click to print only marked records when making the label document.
●   On the Record menu of the Database, point to Show, and then click Marked Records.
(Source: This is all copied verbatim from some unknown source, copyright to respective parties)