Windows Vista
"Today is a victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men."
-Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: Water Book

sysprep, kms, winpe, and imagex info - here

min. hardware requirements
Min. 800Mhz CPU
Rec. 1Ghz CPU
Min. 512MB RAM
Rec. 1GB RAM

Min. HDD Space 20GB
Rec. HDD Space 40GB

DirectX9 Card

capable - meets min. requirements
ready - meets rec. requirements

home basic
home premium
business - kms
enterprise - kms
ultimate - individually keyed

30 days to activate vista after initial install. vista is allowed to be reinstalled/reactivated on the same computer once..additional activation requires a call to microsoft. installing multiple hardware components will cause the computer to be identified as a new/different computer.

Administrator account is disabled by default

stock install of Vista (no SPs) on a Dell Optiplex 755
NIC, video, and chipset drivers are missing

vista base image contents:
novell client
symantec endpoint
sun jre
adobe reader
adobe flash & shockwave player
apple quicktime player
roxio media creator
cyberlink powerdvd
print drivers

other info:
automatic updates off
firewall off
aero on/default vista theme on
uac off?
ie7+ ssl 2.0
dns search suffix - X
windows defender off X
disable changing wallpaper
disable changing homepage
do not display welcome center X
disable desktop cleanup wizard (doesnt exist on vista)
reg hack security center to off
remove games link from start menu
disabling aero on machines with <1GB of RAM

module apps:
microsoft office 2007 (word, excel, powerpoint)
cognos impromptu 6
k-scope 2/openlink odbc
novell groupwise
novell groupwise messenger

uncompressed size: 22GB, will use optimize for speed imaging (vistabase1.zmg....)