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Courses I have taken (career related):
EET1607C Elect Assembly/Cabling
COP1000 Comp Prog I "C"
EGS2650 Tech Ethics
EET1141C Elec Dev/Cir I
EET1036C Int DC/AC Lab
CET1600 Network Plus
CET1484 Novell Network Adm.
CET2154C A+ Cmpt. Operating Sys
CET1173C A+ Computer Hardware
CET1114C Dgtl Fund & Lab
CGS1060 Micro Prog & Oper
CGS1002 Microcmp Oper
EEV0612C Digital/Analog
CET1153C Tecnical Cmp Envir
DA201 2D Comp Art 1:Imag/Mean
DA101 Intro to Digital Arts
EGS1000 Pro Perf. Tech.
ENC0030 Comm. in the Workplace
CGS2820 Web Programming
LIS2004 Intro.Internet/Research
CGS1555 Intoduction to Internet
EEV0539C Comp. Repair Training
CTS2321 Linux System Adm.
CET2123C Mcromp/Basic Dgtl Comm.
CTS2311 Linux Network/Security
COP2220 Computer Programm I "C"
CET2949 Coop Comp Eng Tech

Daytona Beach Community College
Vocational Certificate - Computer Support Specialist


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IC3 - Internet and Computing Core Certification (4/28/04)

A+ (11/14/02)

A+ IT Technician (11/7/06)

Network+ (7/12/05) 2

Security+ (12/1/03)

The CompTIA A+/Network+/Security+ logo is a registered trademark of CompTIA (the Computing Technology Industry Association). All rights reserved.
(In other words these logos do not belong to me, nor did I create them)

Dell Certified Systems Expert (DCSE):
(outdated links: dcse.dell.com & premieraccess.dell.com)

Outdated: V6.0 Certificate

Dell Laser Printers (V6.0/7.0) 4/6/07
Dell P1500 and S2500\S2500N Certification 6/24/03

Dell Notebooks (V6.0/7.0) 12/7/07
Associate Portables Certification V5.0 Inspiron 6/18/03
Associate Portables Certification V5.0 Latitude 4/12/03

Workstation Desktops (V6.0/7.0) 4/16/07
Associate Desktops Certification V5.0 Workstations 12/9/02
Dimension Desktops (V6.0/7.0) 4/16/07
Associate Desktops Certification V5.0 Dimension 12/9/02
Optiplex Desktops (V6.0/7.0) 4/16/07
Associate Desktops Certification V5.0 Optiplex 12/7/02

Servers and Storage (V7.0) 4/16/07

Certificate of Good Food: Outstanding Chili 12/15/05

Training (including CBT) and Memberships:

CompTIA Member:

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Member:

LearnDell Online Training:
Introduction to PCs and Software
Microsoft Windows 2000 User Fundamentals

LearnKey eLearning:
Network+ 2002 Session 1

Thomson Netg Learning:

Mandriva eTraining:
Course 2: Desktop Administration (2.1-2.4)
Samba and Linux/Windows Networks - 1st Linux/Windows Foldersharing

"Basic Panduit Structured Cabling Training" on 11/23/02 expires 11/04
"Basic Panduit Structured Cabling Training" on 12/7/04 expires 12/06

IBM developerWorks Tutorials:
LPI 101 (r.2) Exam Prep, Part 1: Linux Fundamentals
Vi Intro -- The Cheat Sheet Method

Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition 8.0 Tutorials:
How to use AI Snapshot to build an application package
How to install Symantec Ghost client
How to use the Ghost Boot Wizard to make a Multicast Network Boot Disk

Brightline Compliance:
Preventing Sexual Harassment on Campus (11/03)

AMD In The Enterprise Online Events:
2005, Event 2 (prerecorded - approx 0.25 hour duration)

Transmeta Webcasts:
Second Quarter 2005 Financial Results (prerecorded - approx. 1 hour duration)

Microsoft TechNet Briefings:
Understanding Windows 2000 Security (5/13/03)
Migrating from Windows NT Server 4.0 to Windows Server 2003 (5/13/03)

Microsoft TechNet Webcasts & Virtual Labs:
Understanding the New Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician Certification (prerecorded - approx. 1.5 hour duration)
Automating Windows Vista Installation with Windows System Image Manager Virtual Lab
Imaging Windows Vista (prerecorded - 1 hour duration)

Florida Faculty Institute & iTEC Florida:
Security+ training (5 days) on 7/28/03-8/1/03
CWNA (Wireless Technology) training (5 days) on 9/23/05
CWSP (Wireless Security) training (5 days) on 11/11/05

Nicomp International Institute of Technology:
Wireless LAN (4 days) training on 8/11/05

Novell Web Seminar Series & Events:
Migrating from UNIX to SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (10/6/04 - 1 hour duration)
Powerful Security with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (prerecorded - approx 0.5 hour duration)
Linux Day (7/26/07 - 4 hours)

Sun Net Talk Online Seminars:
StarOffice 7: Breaking the Microsoft Habit (prerecorded - approx. 1 hour duration)
Migrating to Solaris 9: Best Practices From Sun IT (prerecorded - approx. 1 hour duration)
OS Security: Solaris 10 Breaks New Ground (prerecorded - approx. 1 hour duration)
Raising the Standard on Industry Standards: AMD Opteron and x86 (prerecorded - approx 0.5 hour duration)
Network Computing 05Q3 Event - (prerecorded - approx. 2 hour duration)

Sun Learning Center:

Cisco Prep Center
Cisco Binary Game

Lexar Webcasts:
Q2 2005 Lexar Earnings Conference Call (prerecorded - approx. 1 hour duration)

GroupLink Webinars:
Best Practices with GroupLink I.T. HelpDesk (4/28/05 - 1 hour duration)
HelpDesk ‑ The True Love/Hate Relationship (2/14/07 - 1 hour duration)
New Release - GroupLink everything HelpDesk 7.1 (5/31/07 - 1 hour duration)

Ziff Davis Media Web eSeminars:
I Want My Linux Desktop...Right Now! (2/25/04 - 1 hour duration)
An Intelligent, Systems-Level Approach to Securing IP Communications (9/16/04 - 1 hour duration)
Four Steps to Securing Your Wireless LAN (prerecorded - 1 hour duration)
The Comeback of Thin Clients (prerecorded - 1 hour duration)
Spyware Exposed: What You Should Know About the Growing Spyware Threat (prerecorded - 0.5 hour duration)
Gaining Business Advantage Through Grid Computing (prerecorded - 0.5 hour duration)

Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture
by David Kushner, 2003 (reread)
In the Beginning...was the Command Line
by Neal Stephenson, 1999
The UNIX Philosophy

by Mike Gancarz, 1995
Linux Pocket Guide
by Daniel J. Barrett, 2004
Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, 2nd Edition
by Michael Meyers, 2002
Microsoft Windows XP Guide: Addendum to Enhanced A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, 3rd Edition
by Jean Andrews, 2002
Internet Investigations in Electronics
by Cynthia B. Leshin, 1997
TopSpeed C Language Tutorial
Learning the vi Editor, 6th Edition
by Linda Lamb & Arnold Robbins, 1998
Learning the UNIX Operating System, 5th Edition
by Jerry Peek, Grace Todino, & John Strang, 2002
Mandrake Linux 9.0: The Definitive Manual
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing People, 2nd Edition
by Arthur R. Pell, 1999
Digital Logic Design: Tutorials and Laboratory Exercises
by John F. Passafiume & Michael Douglas, 1985
Security+: A CompTIA Certification
by Chuck Swanson, Andrew LaPage, Robyn Feiock, & Nancy Curtis, 2002
Cisco Networking Academy Program: Lab Companion Vol1, 2nd Edition
by Jim Lorenz

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Linux Magazine (UK) 12/2000, 6/2003-7/2003, 11/2003, 4/2004
Official Xbox Magazine 7/2003, 9/2003, 10/2004-12/2004, 1/2005
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Network Cabling 1-2/2005
Sync 8-10/2005 (no longer published)
Network Computing 8/5/04, 10/1/04
Certification Magazine 10/2006
InformationWeek 8/2/04

Once Upon Atari: The Documentary Series (DVD)
Revolution OS (DVD)
Halo 2: Limited Collector's Edition Disc (DVD)
LearnWindowsServer.com: Introduction to Windows 2003 Server (?)
Diggnation #83, 91
Systm #4
The Totally Rad Show #1