outlook: remove unwanted mailbox

i’ve been trying to figure out this one off and on for a while now. at one point i was testing some calendaring items by giving myself full access to another mailbox. since i had full access, the mailbox automatically showed up as another account in outlook. which was fine, but after removing my access to the mailbox the entry in outlook remained. i reverified that i no longer had full access or any other delegate permissions. i tried recreating my OST and mail profile. the fact that the entry would show up on multiple devices made me realize it wasn’t a local issue. i verified that under my account settings i had no other mailboxes specified. so after all that and no luck i gave up and decided it was time to google.

i wasn’t that confident that i was going be able to find out anything online since this seemed like something that would be difficult to search for. fortunately, i was wrong and found an article that explained the situation perfectly.

to remove the unwanted entry from outlook, you must go the the user account of the mailbox you once had access to and use attribute editor to edit the MsExchDelegatesListLink attribute. then remove the entry or entries for the accounts that should not be there.

also for future reference it looks like you can prevent mailbox automapping by using the Add-MailboxPermission cmdlet -AutoMapping $False.


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