office365: purge an inactive mailbox

i encountered a scenario where an employee returned to the organization after their office365 persona was past the 30 day soft-delete limit. normally, that is no big deal; they’d just end up with a new mailbox. however, in this case i believe since a litigation hold was enabled on the mailbox, the mailbox was retained […]

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canvas: installation on ubuntu

quick start method: i had to run the following to get ./ –full setup to successfully complete: gem list bundler sudo gem uninstall bundler sudo gem install bundler -v 1.12.5 production method: i had to uninstall some other versions of ruby and standardize on ruby2.3. check ruby version with: ruby -v after the […]

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in ubuntu, uninstall the netcat-openbsd version by running: sudo apt-get remove –purge netcat-openbsd then run: sudo apt-get install netcat-traditional verify the traditional netcat version is installed by running: nc -h if the -e option is listed then traditional is installed port scanning: nc -v -w 1 -z 1-1000 mirabox.local [] 53 (domain) open mirabox.local […]

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NDMP backups

this is something i’ve been mulling over for the past few months. most enterprise NAS devices support NDMP backups which is nice. what’s not nice is that most backup software¬†vendor want a fortune (practically) to use the NDMP functionality. this made me research freeware and open source NDMP backup solutions. the big open source names […]

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linux: disk wiping methods

my goto utility for disk wiping is usually DBAN, but at least in the past i’ve always encountered some problems with getting DBAN to detect external disks i.e. connected via USB. this may no longer be an issue with the latest versions but i didn’t feel like repeating old mistakes. so i started looking at […]

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security certifications 2016

i’ve been looking into the security certifications to take one in early 2017. here’s the info i gathered so far: cert cost duration questions notes SSCP $250 3 hours 125 multiple choice?   CASP $414 165 min 90 multiple choice/simulation 1st and 2nd retakes without wait period CCNA CyberOps ? 90 min each 60 each […]

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ubuntu 16.04: vnc (vino)

i haven’t messed around with vnc in ages so i was a little bit lost on how to set it up on a modern linux system. after some googling and trial and error i figured out the following… in ubuntu 16.04, vnc is built into the system as desktop sharing (just use the dash to […]

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mirabox: reflashing

i was applying some updates to my mirabox recently (which was running debian wheezy) and i decided hey why don’t i see if i can upgrade this thing to debian jessie. this ended up being a big mistake. jessie installs a version of udev that requires a newer kernel than supplied by the mirabox. i […]

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the so-called post PC era

when i was younger i used to be one of the types of people that was always eager to play with the latest gadgets. i had high hopes for the pocketpc PDAs and bought one during their heyday. like most people i imagine, i stopped using it after a year or so. for me…it simply […]

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laptops suck in 2013

a month or so ago i was checking dell’s website for new laptops that came with haswell processors. i was interested in researching the new latitude models and hoping to find something with at least a 15 inch display (i was aware of the latitude 14 7000 series already). much to my dismay, i found […]

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