super mario rpg (snes)

i didn’t own this game when i had an snes but i did rent it. at the time i remember hearing about it in nintendo power and my initial reaction was…wow this is going to be lame. i was a jerky judgmental teenager at the time and the idea of a mario-based rpg didn’t seem that appealing. i was still intrigued though since it was a squaresoft game. back then, squaresoft developed games were my favorite games to play (they only did me wrong once with mystic quest).

i recall when playing it for the first time it took me a little while to get into it. the game is very charming and eventually draws you in. it’s cute and funny. playing it now i only remember getting as far as defeating bowyer in the forest maze.

-slow battles early on with 1 or 2 people
-mallow sucks
-favorite team bowser, mario, geno
-i like the idea of extra damage but if you miss then u do sig. less damage or miss
-platforming kind of sucks because of the view (jump over things often) and this makes a lot of the mini games that should be fun fairly frustrating.
– not really difficult, haven’t had a single character die…but what thing i dislike from an RPG perspective is that once you move onto the next area your attacks generally suck because the new enemies seem to have a high defense. so you never really feel like you’re making progress leveling unless you run across old enemies

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