papa johns bacon cheeseburger pizza

i like trying new things but i also hate disappointment. if i gamble wrong on something new then i just threw away money and on top of that i end up feeling dissatisfied. i was recently in a mood to risk trying a new papa johns pizza. the last time i did this i was disappointed. previously, i tried out the greek pizza which didn’t really seem like an unusual combination of ingredients. yet there was some kind of sauce or seasoning that was adding an extra tanginess flavor…which doesn’t sound bad but when you already have tangy/salty banana peppers with salty pepperoni & black olives…the overall tangy/salty profile is overwhelming. the best i could compare it to would be like a tangy salad dressing (italian-ish)…so it was like italian salad dressing flavored pizza.

last week i tried the new bacon cheeseburger pizza and surprisingly it wasn’t horrible. it has beef, smoked bacon, some kind of burger sauce, tomatoes, and dill pickles. you immediately smell the dill pickles when opening the pizza box. this was okay with me since i like pickles. first bite, it did sort of taste like a cheeseburger. the sauce is apparently cream-based and it tastes like a mix of ketchup and mustard. i think this pizza would probably be gross without the bacon…the smoky flavor of the bacon meshes pretty well with the sauce. whether the bacon is authentically smoked or just sprayed with some chemical smoky flavor…i’m not sure. the tomatoes don’t really add to or take away from the overall flavor…they’re just kind of there. i think more beef on the pizza would have made it better. also kind of surprised that they didn’t incorporate a cheddar cheese blend. i don’t think too many people are having mozzarella on their cheeseburgers.

overall, it wasn’t bad…definitely edible. i did start getting tired of the taste after the 3rd slice so i don’t recommend 1 person eating a large version of this. it’d be better to share it with at least 3 people. would i order it again? doubtful. but…if i was somewhere else and someone ordered it i’d probably eat a slice of it.

it’s something nice to try out of curiosity, but i don’t think it will satisfy cheeseburger lovers or pizza lovers since it’s a weird hybrid of the two.

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