vcenter 6.0 + vdp 6.0

windows vcenter…
important: if you are upgrading the windows version of vcenter on a server that’s been through several upgrades then i strongly recommend holding off on upgrading to vcenter 6.0 until it matures some more, or copy over the database to a clean install of windows and do the upgrade there, or alternatively move to the vcsa.

the vcenter 6.0 installer strongly suggests installing this hotfix on windows 2008:

it also appears that sql server 2008 support has been dropped. so an upgrade to 2008 r2 or something newer is required.

in my opinion, external PSCs make the most sense if you have multiple vcenter installations. however, if you previously co-located SSO on the same server as vcenter then the 6.0 installer forces you into an embedded PSC instance. there may be a utility at some point to convert an embedded PSC into an external one (hopefully).

the vcenter db mssql compatibility was set for 2005 which caused the vcenter installer to throw an error. changing the compatibility to 2008 resolved it. source:

experienced this issue too:
vcdb_req.err was located in c:\users\administrator\appdata\local\temp
i had to run “drop table VPX_FEATURE” a second time for some reason

received an error when logging into the vsphere web client 6.0 regarding “…monitoring-ui-en_us.swf” this is apparently because operations manager versions prior to 5.8.5 are not supported with vcenter 6.0. source:

i may be experiencing an issue where using VUM 6.0 crashes VUM and then crashes the vcenter service. not quite verified yet.


upgrade to 6.0 went fine. i did suddenly notice that i could not get to the vdp-configure page from either chrome or firefox. apparently it’s a known issue with VDP: i ended up using IE (finally making itself useful).

instructions for fully removing the VDP plugin:

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