root beer

to me right this moment IBC root beer is the best overall and consistently good root beer that i’ve had. nothing really beats a chilled bottle of IBC.

i’m going to start keeping track to see if i can find a better or equal quality root beer. especially since there are so many independent brands available now…i’ll probably steer clear of generic store brands for the most part (just because that would truly be never-ending). if i were to make a distinction between bottled and canned root beer i would say that bottled always seems to be crisper/smoother. right now i think barqs is the best canned root beer.

a&w (retry) – the iconic root beer. probably every root beer float i’ve ever had was made with this. i do like the taste of a&w, but it’s biggest downfall to me is that it seems to go flat really fast. i hate flat soda.
mug – flat and very sugary tasting. does not have much “root” flavor at all. not one of my favorites.
barqs (retry) – consistently good. my favorite canned root beer at the moment
capt’n eli’s – tastes like a better a&w. if it had more of a carbonated bite it’d be great
dad’s – too sugary tasting.
virgil’s (retry) – i believe this one had a anise flavor to it. not my type of thing
stewart’s (retry) – i remember this being pretty good stuff but tasting almost like a liquid dessert
boylan bottling co – smooth, focuses on the “root” flavor. cane sugar always makes for a different taste too. an appealing root beer though i would not consider it better than IBC

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