fire emblem series

fire emblem (fire emblem 7, gba)
the first fire emblem game i ever played. i had a lot of fun with it. i didn’t fully understand how important the rock-paper-scissors combat was when i played this and therefore i probably had a more difficult time than i should have. here i am rambling about it:

fire emblem – shadow dragon (nds)
shadow dragon is apparently a remake of the 1st fire emblem game. the cutscene and game map graphics are great. so far i’ve found the look of the combat graphics to be a bit more boring and generic than the gba releases.

the hammer and magic seem to work really well on armored foes. this game tries to offend you less with character deaths by constantly refilling your roster with new recruits. it still drives me crazy when a character dies…so i’ve been restarting the level each time this has happened. there are save points on the game maps themselves to help avoiding playing the whole level again. the character death concept still bugs me because this is an rpg where you put time into building up a character and you certainly don’t want to just throw away that time/effort with a cheap death. and definitely 90% of the deaths are cheap. some unit swoops in out of nowhere and picks off your wounded or weak characters. or there’s the baffling deaths when i have a character full health and some super unit appears and attacks twice and game over for that character. thankfully the 3ds games finally have a mode available to disable perma death. to me perma death in this game is a huge annoyance.

i’m not going to be all completionist on the recruiting. if i mess up on a recruiting then oh well…there will be more.

chapter 3: navarre can be recruited if caeda talks to him
chapter 4: matthis can be recruited if lena talks to him
chapter 5: wendell can be recruited if marth talks to him
chapter 6: ricard can be recruited if marth talks to him

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