ramune japanese soda

i’ve known about ramune for probably 10 years or so and have always wanted to try some. i think i was always fascinated by the marble drop mechanism which i imagine most people are. anyways, i finally got the chance to try some.

the original flavor tastes kind of like the classic american “bubble gum” flavor but perhaps a bit subtler. the bottle is about half the contents of an american soda can and has about half the sugar as well. so therefore if ramune had a 12 oz can version it would have about the same sugar contents as american sodas. the carbonation seemed much lighter than what i am used to. i’m not sure if that’s intentional or just because the bottles were shipped and lost some carbonation in the process.

for the melon flavor i was expecting watermelon but its not like that at all. it’s going for a honeydew type of flavor. at first i thought the flavor was strange but it quickly grew on me. pretty good stuff…i can’t really place the flavor exactly i know i’ve had some type of candy, mouthwash, or medicine that tasted similarly?

pineapple tasted too medicinal for me and has been my least favorite. strawberry tasted like most strawberry bubblegums and was decent. grape tasted like every run-of-the-mill grape soda (which is not a bad thing).

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