azure ad sync follow-up

i updated aadsync recently because i learned the newest version includes an auto-update feature. the process to upgrade is pretty self explanatory the only thing of note i can mention is that the installer probably ran somewhere between 20-30 minutes which i thought was strange at the time.

after the upgrade completed i learned that there had been quite a few changes with aadsync starting with version the old way of manually syncing is no longer possible. now manual syncs and setting changes must be done through powershell. to force a manual sync run: start-adsyncsynccycle -policytype delta

another change is that aadsync no longer uses the windows task scheduler for scheduling syncs. in fact, the upgrade removed the task scheduler job as part of the install process. to check the new scheduler settings run get-adsyncscheduler and to change the settings use set-adsyncscheduler with parameters. i ended up changing NextSyncCyclePolicyType to Delta and SyncCycleEnabled to True. from my understanding of the documentation there is no way to set up syncs for less than 30 minute intervals (at least with this version).


the auto-update feature is discussed further here:
to me, it still seems pretty new, so i don’t think i’ll be enabling in this release…maybe later down the road.

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