army of two: the devil’s cartel (xbox360)

i received this game some time ago for free from games with gold but never played it. not too long ago i wanted to load up a co-op game and the “army of two” name seemed to obviously indicate it was co-op. i didn’t have high hopes for this game as it looked pretty generic.

i finished the game yesterday and the story is cliche, lame, predictable, etc. reminds me of a michael bay movie. the highlight of the game to me was the gameplay it’s actually pretty well done in my opinion. all of the weapons i tried out were fun to use and being able to acquire new weapon loadouts helped keep the game from getting stale. the game overall is too long at 49ish missions. i was especially getting bored during the missions where you trudge through catacombs and cemeteries (it seemed to never end). the game does pick up again during the end sequence though. the game switches it up on some missions with driving a truck, firing from a truck, or firing from a helicopter, which adds some variety.

i didn’t realize that i had been playing the game on easy mode all along as opposed to medium/normal. some of the last few missions were pretty difficult even on easy which makes me think that the games harder modes may be impossible. for instance, after beating the game i’m replaying it on hard mode and i’m on mission 10 or so and the enemies do a lot more damage and they blind fire often. their blind fire is also impossibly accurate all the time too. about half way through the game (on any mode) the enemies are helmeted and armored and take several (or lots) shots to kill.

i don’t really care if the story sucked in this game because i never played it for its story. i think it does a pretty good job of what it goes out to accomplish. i’m not familiar with the other titles in the army of two series, but i’m interested in checking them out if they’re more of the same. to me, devil’s cartel was easy to get to get into, had fun gameplay, and was just pure dumb entertainment.

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