ubuntu 16.04: vnc (vino)

i haven’t messed around with vnc in ages so i was a little bit lost on how to set it up on a modern linux system. after some googling and trial and error i figured out the following… in ubuntu 16.04, vnc is built into the system as desktop sharing (just use the dash to search for this phrase). ubuntu help about this here: https://help.ubuntu.com/16.04/ubuntu-help/sharing-desktop.html

desktop sharing is actually just gnome’s vnc implementation vino. everything appeared straight forward at this point, but i could not connect to the vino server from a windows machine using tigervnc. i kept receiving a “no matching security types” error when attempting to connect. additionally, the vino server log listed “advertising security type 18” during start up. a quick search indicated that encryption needed to be disabled.

i ran into issues thinking that i could disable vino encryption globally (via root) and everything would be fine. apparently, the setting is per user. to alter the setting install dconf and run dconf-editor and change /org/gnome/desktop/remote-access/require-encryption to false.

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