destiny (xbox one)

i originally played the destiny beta on the xbox 360. i had fun with it. i wasn’t really that compelled by any of the story elements, but the gameplay, loot grabs, & leveling had me hooked. so i eventually bought destiny pretty late in it’s life cycle (like right before rise of iron came out). i understand that were lots of complaints about the initial release like boss battles that went on for an hour, bad loot drops, etc. at this point in destiny’s lifecycle i don’t have any such complaints.

the star of the game is by far the gameplay. the gameplay is just as tight and smooth as the halo games. the graphics are also great. all of the levels look fantastic and run incredibly smooth. my favorite environment is venus because it has the most interesting visuals and isn’t as monotonous looking as the other planets. my least favorite area was earth, just because i believe they really overdid the rust tones. rust is all you see practically and it’s visually grating to me.

i didn’t fully understand the story as it’s presented. it seems very convoluted just like halo 3 was. i think bungie lost out on a really cool opportunity to make different alien species seem authentic and interact appropriately. instead, what you get is just a bunch of random spawns of various alien troopers from different species. sometimes they’ll fight each other, but this and the random spawns just seem so artificial. none of it makes me feel like i’m in the middle of a real battle (such as like how i felt in the halo games) or that these aliens are behaving in believable manners.

the taken king…
i really hate a lot of the levels in taken king because some level designer got the bright idea to introduce platforming in an FPS. who plays FPS’s to do platforming? certainly not me. there were elements of it in house of wolves that i didn’t mind as much. the taken king expands on the concept greatly. it doesn’t even add any difficulty to the game it’s just an irritation. to prove my point there are new taken enemies that exist primarily to knock you off ledges. several of these enemies will be strategically placed to accomplish just that. gotcha! there’s also invisible and vanishing platforms to add to the fun. it’s all so dumb because it does nothing to really add difficulty it just simply stalls you and makes you respawn. in other words…it just pisses you off.

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