caffe capri ristorante

a month or two ago caffe capri in ormond apparently shut down. i’ve been wah-ing ever since 🙁 come backkkk. anyways i hope it just is moving to a new location and will reopen sometime in ormond again.

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dominos new pizza

when i first saw the commercial about dominos changing their recipe i of course was intrigued…and kind of surprised. it seems like such a major chain would risk a lot by changing their base formula for success. i neither loved nor hated the old recipe, it was just decent average pizza, no strong emotions attached. […]

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beer (in a glass)

one million years ago when i first drank beer. it was in cans..i then graduated to mostly only wanting it in bottles. i have mixed feelings about draft beer. sometimes it’s amazingly fresh and crisp tasting. other times it’s all watery and cheap and way worse than drinking it from a bottle. i think that […]

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healthy foods

almonds beans unsalted peanuts spinach milk/soy milk eggs plain oatmeal turkey peanut butter cereal (grapenuts, kashi, special k, honey bunches, etc) extra virgin olive oil rice/rice noodles wheat bread protein berries v8 unsweet tea white & green tea cranberry juice tuna

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my chili recipe

v8 some beef stock or beef bouillon 1 can rotel tomatoes 1 can diced tomatoes ground beef & ground sausage in skillet w/ cayenne pepper or habanero very little chili powder salt to taste garlic powder cumin onion powder mesa flour paprika cilantro small amount lemon or lime juice 1 bottle of beer diced onion […]

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tried one of the pace salsas – tequila lime, it’s yellow-green in color. the limeyness and saltiness is kind of overpowering…which is surprising i thought i would like that. it’s just too much with the limey though. some of its ingredients list: yellow tomatoes, fresh jalapeno peppers, green chili peppers, lime juice, onions, tomatillos, tequila, […]

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bigelow: ceylon cozy chamomile english breakfast green tea vanilla chai celestial seasonings: lemon zinger mandarin orange spice (x) sleepytime tuscany orange spice (x) lipton: bavarian wild berry (x) green tea with mandarin orange (x) island mango & peach tuscan lemon (x) white tea w/ blueberry & pomegranate kari out co: chinese oolong (x) mighty leaf: […]

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chinese (american style) food that i enjoy

wonton soup steamed dumplings spring rolls/egg rolls lo mein fried rice

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local restaurants

restaurants that i <3 port orange: la fiesta raku booth’s bowery hong kong takeout daytona: tarafuku chops by martini’s siam spice mariachi mr. dunderbaks leanh’s chinese ormond: royal dynasty tekaya deland: bellini’s top’s china

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grillin beans?

in my latest quest to try anything NEW i tried those bush’s grillin beans, yes all 4 flavors. i’m not sure why cause baked/grilled/whatever beans are just okay to me. and all of these tasted the same. steakhouse, bourbon & brown sugar, southern pit bbq, and smokehouse tradition. i liked the southern pit bbq best. […]

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