uccx prompt recorder

we’ve had an existing prompt recorder script that uses one set of credentials to alter every prompt. that solution works great when just one person manages every prompt and they make themselves forever available. however, now we’re starting to absorb more departments into UCCX and that means more prompts and more people likely to want to change those prompts. so we need to disperse the management of them.

at first i simply cloned the existing script and had it authenticate against a different user. that worked fine, but it also meant that at the very least i’d need a new app and trigger for every department. that dawned on me to be very wasteful.

i got around to resolving this by making a single script to authenticate everyone…in a very simple but effective manner, a switch statement with entries for each dept’s PIN. the upload prompt step still needs a callmanager user authenticated first though. so i just provided the script with complete credentials – username, PIN. so prior to using “upload prompt”, both “get user” and “authenticate user” steps need to be used.

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