cellphone thoughts

i think i’ve stated that the nokia n900 is my dream phone. i just have to put that dream on hold because i can’t afford it. so i’ve been thinking about 2nd best.

i see my 2nd best option as being an android phone. not really linux, but linux-based. it’s not really an OS that gives you full control by default, yet the modding community seems healthy…so that kind of makes up for it.

i’d like a new android 2.x phone preferably by HTC. those are all like $200 or so on average. which brings me back to my original financial problem.

my plan C then is to get an older android 1.x phone because they’re cheap. obviously kind of disappointing to buy a “new” phone that’s already 2 years old, but not much else i can do. besides keep using my crappy samsung eternity. no thankssss.

i’m okay with the solution of getting an older android phone. my next issue would be what carrier to go with and is the monthly cost agreeable.

i’m tired of at&t. their pricing remains high and they’re currently not at all android friendly. verizon doesn’t seem to be as bad. don’t know much about sprint. t-mobile seems to one of the original android supporters and also support maemo (meego) based phones.

i’m looking at the t-mobile G1.
monthly pricing would be something like:
$61 for unlimited data only
$71 for unlimited data & texting

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