st. augustine, march 2012

i was mostly disappointed with a recent trip to st. augustine. usually it’s a nice place to visit on the weekends just to walk around and have some good food and drinks.

here’s how the day went….
stopped at the burrito works to have a quick lunch. it’s decent food somewhat¬†comparable¬†to a moe’s. obviously nothing authentic about it, but like i said decent.

then we stopped at the hyppo and found out it’s in a different location now. i’m assuming it has changed owners/management because it’s now a paleta/hipster coffee bar. the paletas were okay, but what was really disappointing was there were only 3 flavors available. compared to my last visit when there were like 12 and lots of unique flavor combinations.

some point later on we stopped at sangria’s to have some drinks. now, last time i stopped by there was close to 2 years ago and i had an excellent experience. everything was of very high quality and the sangrias were superb and i didn’t mind paying $8 a piece for them because they were worth it. this time around everything was of much lower quality which makes me angry about the high prices. we ordered one appetizer that was inedible and i’m almost certain someone was trying to serve us food that had gone bad. they just thought they could conceal the not-so-freshness by overcooking it and adding tons of salt. whatever management is running this place now has ruined it in my opinion. which is a real shame.

most of the shops are tourist traps for junk t-shirts, hot sauces, ice cream/popsicles, beef jerky, etc. you really have to look hard to find the unique shops that are worth a visit. it’s still a lovely place just to walk around and look at sights though.

the redeeming part of the trip was the tasting room. i’ve wanted to go for a long time but was put off by the seemingly high prices. so i finally went and it was a really good experience. and surprisingly got out under $100 even with dessert and drinks. i was overly full from the food too. so that’s one place i’m looking forward to visiting again.

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