crystal defenders (android)

i don’t purchase many apps/games on android unless they’re fairly cheap. so that makes me a fairly typical android user. i made an exception to buy the square-enix title crystal defenders not because i was excited about the title, but more so because square-enix was attached to it. by purchasing it i was hoping to contribute to the cause of showing square there is an android market for their games. in doing so i’m hoping they’ll eventually port over some of their classic games to the platform.

the game costs a ridiculous $7. since playing it several times i have determined it’s surely worth no more than a $1. it seems like a fairly low quality port, but that’s not really where my complaints lie. the graphics and the tie-in to the final fantasy world are good & the overall concept is decent. my problem with it is that it’s probably the worst tower defense style game i’ve ever played. the core gameplay itself is not fun at all in my opinion. i’ve gathered that the strategy revolves around clumping groups of like character jobs in sections of the maps. for example, you’ll need to put 6 to 9 mages in one location for success. maybe i’m just missing something, but i hardly find playing the game worthwhile. a very disappointing release from square-enix…hopefully they’ll release some good games to the platform in the future.

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