i was in a bookstore yesterday and i was browsing the selections. i didn’t really get interested/excited by anything i saw. not because i have lost interest in reading and not because all of the selections sucked…or anything like that. it’s just that i think the internet has really ruined my interest in shopping in stores., in my opinion, is just a superior place to purchase books and other items. i can wishlist, read customer reviews, get decent pricing, see similar products, get the item shipped to me in a week or sooner, and so on. i guess the only thing i lose out on is the satisfaction of an immediate purchase and walking away with the item then and there. that…actually doesn’t mean so much to me.

i remember when i was younger being so excited about going to following stores – books a million, barnes and nobles, mediaplay, bestbuy. and now because of the internet i could really care less about being in any of those places.

i’m not really saddened or anything by this. i just view it as an evolution of a process.

and if there was a quality insured, reliable, and cost-effective means of ordering groceries online i would do that too. not because that “shopping” process is better online..but because going to the grocery store is an annoyance.

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